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Motorcycle accidents are a safety concern in Calgary. The city has seen an increase in motorcycle accidents, with over 1,400 motorcycle accidents occurring in 2017. Most of these accidents involved single–vehicle collisions due to the lack of visibility compared to other motor vehicles.

These accidents can devastate riders and their families, resulting in serious, life-altering injuries. Motorcycle accidents can sustain severe injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, fractures, and disfigurement. The absence of protection in case of accidents makes motorcyclists more susceptible to fatal collisions than those operating motor vehicles.

For those affected by motorcycle accidents, a motorcycle accident lawyer Calgary specializing in such cases can provide the necessary help to pursue justice for their injuries and losses.

Types of Motorcycle Accident Cases

Hit-and-Run Accidents

In hit-and-run cases, one party leaves the accident scene without providing identification or assistance. These cases can be challenging to resolve due to the absence of a responsible party.

Accidents Involving Uninsured or Underinsured Drivers

When an accident involves a driver who lacks insurance or insufficient coverage, legal complexities can arise regarding compensation for damages and injuries.

Cases Involving Multiple Parties or Complex Liability Issues

Accidents with multiple involved parties or intricate liability concerns will need in-depth investigation to determine fault and establish responsibility. These cases often demand a thorough legal analysis.

Common Motorcycle Accident Scenarios

Collisions with Other Vehicles

Motorcycle collisions with other vehicles can occur due to drivers failing to notice motorcycles, sudden lane changes, or right-of-way violations. Motorcyclists’ vulnerability increases the risk of injury in such cases.

Accidents Caused by Road Hazards

Due to their size and balance, road hazards like debris, potholes, and oil spills pose greater risks to motorcyclists. Hitting hazards can lead to loss of control and accidents.

Reckless and Negligent Drivers

Motorcyclists are vulnerable to distracted, aggressive, or intoxicated drivers. Such behaviours can lead to collisions, causing severe injuries or worse.

Step-by-Step Guide with Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

There are multiple steps to go through when dealing with the legal process following a motorcycle accident. Each is designed to ensure fair resolution and compensation:

  1. Initial Consultation – Meet with experienced Calgary motorcycle accident lawyers to discuss the accident details, injuries, and available options.
  2. Case Evaluation – Legal professionals assess the case’s merits, gather evidence, and determine liability for serious injuries, such as spinal cord injuries.
  3. Demand Letter – When appropriate, your attorney can send a demand letter outlining damages and compensation sought in the personal injury claim.
  4. Negotiations – Skilled negotiations with insurance companies aim to secure a fair settlement for sustained injuries.
  5. Filing a Lawsuit – Failure to reach an agreement through negotiations can lead your lawyer to file a lawsuit.
  6. Discovery Phase – Both parties exchange information, evidence, and documents relevant to the case, including evidence of suffered injuries.
  7. Mediation – Parties attempt to settle with the help of a neutral mediator, focusing on resolving personal injury claim disputes.
  8. Trial Preparation – If mediation is unsuccessful, prepare for trial by collecting evidence, identifying witnesses, and strategizing legal arguments for injuries.
  9. Trial – Present the case before a judge or jury to determine liability and compensation if necessary for serious injuries.
  10. Verdict or Settlement – Await the court’s decision or reach a settlement based on trial outcomes for injuries.
  11. Resolution – Receive compensation based on the verdict or negotiated settlement for personal injury claim cases, including serious injuries.

Compensation and Damages in Motorcycle Accident Cases

  1. Compensation for Lost Wages and Income – It addresses lost income due to injury-related work absence.
  2. Damages for Pain, Suffering and Emotional Distress- It considers physical pain, emotional suffering, and reduced quality of life.
  3. Recovery for Property Damage and Vehicle Repairs – This includes motorcycle repair or replacement costs.
  4. Benefits for Long-Term Medical Care and Rehabilitation – This provides ongoing medical care and therapy support for sustained injuries.

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Why Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Even if you have already hired a lawyer for other cases, hiring a professional for a motorcycle accident is better. A law firm specializing in motorcycle accidents has the resources and expertise necessary to guarantee you get the compensation to which you are legally entitled. Here are the reasons why you should engage a motorcycle accident attorney.

Motor Accident Lawyers Focus Exclusively on Motorcycle Accident Claims

A mountain bike technician at your local bike store can have the essential equipment to change a flat tire. However, you would not bring your motorcycle to them if the engine malfunctioned. Of course, you’d go to a specialized motorcycle mechanic.

The same is true of lawyers. A personal injury law firm has lawyers who specialize in personal injury claims and know everything about the process. When you work with a motorcycle accident lawyer, you can be sure they will do everything right, from filing claims and gathering evidence like police reports and estimates of property damage to going to court and negotiating a settlement.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Will Ensure Fair Compensation

A motorcycle injury lawyer will be motivated to fight for the maximum possible settlement amount because your attorney is most likely getting paid a percentage of your settlement. Additionally, because they specialize in your case, they will know exactly what to ask for and how much you should get.

Insurance companies can attempt to underpay claimants who are unaware of their claims. A competent motorcycle accident attorney will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Will Help Cover Your Expenses

If you were in a collision with a motorist, you could have suffered large expenses for severe injuries such as shattered bones, road rash, and traumatic brain injuries. Even if you have health insurance, many carriers exclude motorcycle accidents from coverage, and you will not be able to convince your insurer to cover the full cost of your treatment.

A motorcycle injury attorney will help you cover these expenses by filing claims and, if required, litigating the case. In a fatal motorcycle accident, your attorney can also assist the family in seeking funerals and other related expenditures.

Why Choose a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Calgary

Intending to get you the financial recovery you deserve. Below are some specific ways our motorcycle accident lawyer at Sidhu Personal Injury Lawyers Calgary can help your case.

We Will Explain Your Legal Rights

The majority of motorcycle accident victims have never been in this position. Knowing where to start could be difficult, and you can have many questions. After an accident, our motorcycle injury lawyer can serve as a guide to help you grasp your legal rights and other case information.

Years of Experience Representing Motorcycle Accident Victims

When evaluating your legal alternatives, you should seek professionals with substantial expertise in handling motorcycle accidents and personal injury lawsuits. Our motorcycle injury attorney has previously won many claims involving motorcycle injuries. We have conducted significant research on similar situations to determine how to approach the current issue.

We Will Represent You in Court

Our attorney will represent you throughout the entirety of the court case. Before proceeding to trial, they will attempt to settle on the process. Settlements are frequently reached at this stage, but if a trial becomes necessary, our attorney will be there to defend your rights.

Building Your Motorcycle Accident Case

Before submitting a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, you’ll need to collect proof that:

  • The collision occurred and resulted in your injuries.
  • The negligence of the party at fault caused the accident.
  • You sustained damages due to the motorcycle accident. 

We Will Provide Legal Guidance and Advice

A motorcycle accident case typically contains complicated legal or insurance jargon that most clients cannot understand. You will also have to deal with the insurance company, which can attempt to obtain information to use against you or convince you to accept a low settlement.

Our motorcycle accident lawyer is here to assist you in navigating the legal process, ensuring your protection from potential mistreatment by the insurance company. We will manage the legal aspects of your case after the accident so you can finally focus on your healing and finally spend time with your family.

Legal Services for Motorcycle Accidents

Legal Assistance

At our law firm, a Calgary motorcycle accident lawyer is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive legal services. We handle all aspects of serious motorcycle accident cases, from initial consultations to settlement negotiations or trial representation.

Tailored Approach

We understand that every serious motorcycle accident is unique, which is why our experienced personal injury lawyer takes a personalized approach to your case. We’ll analyze the specific circumstances and needs of your situation to provide quality legal guidance.

Securing the Outcome

Our commitment is unwavering when it comes to achieving the finest possible outcome for you. Whether through skillful negotiation or vigorous trial advocacy, our goal is to secure fair compensation and justice for motorcycle accident victims like you.

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Find an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious harm to riders and their families. If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident, make sure that you immediately get help from a motorcycle accident lawyer. Our team at Sidhu Personal Injury Lawyers Calgary has a strong history of effectively representing clients and securing compensation for injuries and losses.

Reach out to our dedicated motorcycle accident lawyer in Calgary. Let us help you navigate the legal process and fight for your rights. 


An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer will know how much your case is worth and how to get an insurance company to pay you the most for your pain and suffering. They can also help you pay back your loss and any other lost money.

If you’re in a motorcycle accident, you can seek compensation for your injuries. Even if it’s just your motorcycle involved, the other driver might still be at fault. Sometimes, if the motorcycle is faulty, the manufacturer could be responsible. And if the road conditions are unsafe, the local government might be held accountable.