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Motorcycle accidents are a major safety concern in Calgary. The city has seen a dramatic increase in motorcycle accidents in recent years, with over 1,400 motorcycle accidents occurring in 2017. The majority of these accidents involved single–vehicle collisions, primarily due to the lack of visibility of a motorcyclist compared to other motor vehicles.

Injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents can be severe, including traumatic brain injuries, fractures, and disfigurement. Motorcyclists are also more likely to be involved in fatal collisions than other motor vehicle operators due to the lack of protection that a motorcycle offers in a crash.

The City of Calgary is working to reduce the number of motorcycle accidents by increasing public awareness, implementing road safety initiatives, and providing specialized motorcycle training.

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating for riders and their families, often resulting in serious, life-altering injuries. With the help of an experienced Calgary motorcycle accident lawyer, victims of these crashes can pursue justice and compensation for the losses they have experienced.

A motorcycle accident lawyer can investigate the accident, build a strong case on the victim’s behalf, and negotiate with insurance companies to ensure that they receive the full amount they are entitled to. They can also help victims seek damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses related to the accident.

In addition, a motorcycle injury attorneys can help victims explore all of their legal options and make sure that their rights are protected throughout the process.


A motorcycle accident is a crash involving a motorcycle and another vehicle, or a motorcycle and the roadway. Motorcycle accidents can happen when a motorcyclist collides with a car, truck, or another motorcycle. They can also happen when a motorcyclist loses control of their motorcycle and crashes, or when a motorcyclist hits a pothole, slick spot, or other road hazard.

There are many factors that can contribute to a motorcycle accident, including speeding, intoxication, inexperience, and aggressive driving. Wearing a helmet and other protective gear can help reduce the severity of injuries in a motorcycle accident, but it cannot prevent accidents from happening.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, it is important to seek medical attention immediately, even if you do not think you are injured. Some injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, may not be immediately apparent. Hiring experienced motorcycle accident lawyers can help you navigate the legal process and recover the compensation you deserve.


If you have received an injury in a motorcycle accident, then you will need to hire a professional motorcycle accident lawyer in order to receive the proper compensation you deserve. Managing a personal injury claim case involving an accident can be frustrating on your own, but with the help of an experienced lawyer, you can make a better case to receive compensation for your injuries and other damage(s).


A motorcycle injury lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in motorcycle injury cases. This type of lawyer will be able to assist you in learning how to properly document your injuries, how to best report any damages and injuries received, as well as assisting you in making the best case for your motorcycle injury claim.


There are many ways that you can become injured due to a motorcycle accident. The injuries can range from short-term injuries that require surgery or lengthy periods of rest, as well as long-term and even lifelong injuries such as the loss of a limb, loss of motor function, and even paralysis. Many injuries that are received due to a motorcycle accident may not be noticeable until days or weeks afterwards, which is why it’s important to seek a motorcycle injury lawyer  who can help you navigate your injury claims case. 

In addition to physical injuries, motorcycle injuries can also cost damages through lost wages, the lost ability to work in a certain field, and similar damages that deserve financial compensation.  For instance, if your injury left you unable to work for a month and you lost your job as a result, this can be considered part of your claim.


If the injury you received due to a motorcycle accident has resulted in any type of noted injury or other damages, then you should call a personal injury lawyer in Calgary Alberta experienced in motorcycle injuries as soon as possible. A lawyer with experience in dealing with motorcycle injury cases will be able to help you receive the proper compensation you deserve, whether it is related to any short-term injuries, more long-lasting injuries that require more significant compensation, or damages due to lost wages and similar effects. 


Remember, the complete process of filing a claim for your motorcycle injury is a complex one. It can take weeks or months—and potentially even a year or longer–for the injury claim case to be finalized; this is especially true when your injuries were severe or you are otherwise claiming a high amount of damages. With that fact in mind, let’s take a look at the following significant benefits related to hiring a Calgary motorcycle accident lawyer: 

  • Experienced lawyer knows how to work within the system
  • Professional damage and injury documentation
  • Expert analysis will help benefit your case
  • Professional lawyer efforts result in maximum compensation

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, be sure to contact the professional injury lawyer team in Calgary at Sidhu Law. They will help you document your injuries, file a claim—and get the compensation that you deserve.

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