Common Types of Calgary Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are a big problem in Canada, causing hundreds of yearly deaths. According to Transport Canada, pedestrians account for about 15% of all the people who die in car crashes, and another 15% get seriously hurt. 

Compared to other provinces, Newfoundland and Labrador has the fourth-highest rate of deaths (7.9 for every 100,000 people) and the second-highest rate of injuries (624.4 for every 100,000 people) from car accidents. 

Calgary pedestrian accident

These numbers are much worse than the national average for Canada as a whole (which is 5.2 deaths and 451.6 injuries per 100,000 people). When you do the math, Newfoundland and Labrador could see around 200 pedestrian deaths or injuries for every 100,000 residents. 

Sadly, many of these victims are children, and pedestrian accidents are one of the main reasons kids under 14 die from injuries in Canada. These are significant statistics highlighting the seriousness of pedestrian accidents.

Pedestrian incidents can result in serious personal injuries or even fatalities. They often occur due to many factors. By examining the common types of pedestrian accidents in Calgary, we can gain insights into the causes and consequences of these incidents and work towards making the city’s streets safer for everyone.

Crosswalk Accidents

Crosswalk accidents are among the most prevalent types of pedestrian accidents in Calgary. Pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks, but drivers don’t always yield as they should. These incidents happen when drivers fail to stop or slow down at crosswalks, even when pedestrians are already crossing or waiting.

  • Texting or using a smartphone.
  • Impatience and rushing through intersections.
  • Failure to see pedestrians due to poor visibility, especially in adverse weather conditions.
  • Serious injuries to pedestrians include fractures, head injuries, and spinal cord injuries.
  • Emotional trauma for both pedestrians and drivers involved.
  • Legal consequences for the at-fault driver.

Jaywalking Accidents

Jaywalking, the act of crossing the street at a location other than a designated crosswalk or intersection, is a typical behaviour among pedestrians in Calgary. While it can save time, it significantly increases the risk of accidents.

  • Pedestrian impatience.
  • Lack of awareness or disregard for traffic rules.
  • Limited access to crosswalks in certain areas.
  • Pedestrians are more likely to be struck by other vehicles while jaywalking.
  • Increased chances of severe injuries or fatalities.
  • Potential legal consequences for pedestrians.

Right-Turn Accidents

Right-turn accidents typically occur when a vehicle makes a right turn at an intersection and a pedestrian crosses the street simultaneously. In some cases, drivers fail to notice pedestrians in their blind spots.

  • Inattentive driving.
  • Failure to check blind spots.
  • Speeding through intersections.
  • Pedestrians are at risk of being struck by the turning vehicle.
  • Injuries can be minor to severe, depending on the vehicle’s speed.
  • Drivers can face legal consequences for failing to yield to pedestrians.
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Left-Turn Accidents

Left-turn accidents are the mirror image of right-turn accidents. They occur when a vehicle turns left at an intersection, and a pedestrian crosses the street. In these cases, pedestrians are often hit by vehicles making the turn.

  • Drivers failing to yield to pedestrians.
  • Lack of pedestrian signals or crosswalk markings.
  • Poor visibility due to factors like parked cars or obstructed sightlines.
  • Pedestrians are vulnerable to being struck by the turning vehicle.
  • Injuries can be minor to severe, depending on the circumstances.
  • Legal consequences can apply to the driver if found at fault.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Driving under the affection of alcohol or drugs is a top risk factor for pedestrian accidents in Calgary. Impaired drivers often have reduced reaction times and impaired judgment. Thus, making it more likely that they will strike pedestrians.

  • Impaired drivers ignoring traffic signals or signs.
  • Reduced ability to spot pedestrians.
  • Inability to react promptly to changing road conditions.
  • Pedestrians are at a bigger risk of being hit by impaired drivers.
  • Injuries can be severe, and fatalities are not uncommon.
  • Serious legal consequences for impaired drivers include fines and jail time.

School Zone Accidents

School zones in Calgary are designed to prioritize the safety of young pedestrians. However, accidents can still occur in these areas, often involving children walking to or from school.

  • Speeding in school zones.
  • Failure to obey school zone signage.
  • Children’s unpredictable behaviour.
  • Children are particularly vulnerable to injuries in accidents.
  • Emotional trauma for children, parents, and drivers involved.
  • Enhanced penalties for speeding in school zones.

Pedestrian-Only Area Accidents

Calgary has several pedestrian-only areas where vehicles are restricted. Despite these restrictions, accidents can still happen due to a lack of adherence to Canadian traffic rules or confusion by drivers.

  • Lack of awareness of pedestrian-only zones.
  • Drivers unintentionally enter restricted areas.
  • Failure to yield to pedestrians in these areas.
  • Pedestrians can be struck by vehicles entering pedestrian-only zones.
  • Injuries can vary but are often less severe due to lower vehicle speeds.
  • Legal consequences for drivers who violate these zones.

Take Steps Towards Safer Streets

Calgary pedestrian accidents are all too common, but understanding their causes and consequences is a crucial step toward preventing them. Drivers must exercise caution and adhere to traffic laws, especially in pedestrian areas. On the other hand, pedestrians should prioritize safety and use crosswalks and designated crossing areas whenever possible.

We can all help make Calgary’s streets safer by educating people about the typical forms of pedestrian accidents and encouraging safe driving practices. The goal is to minimize the number of accidents, injuries, and fatalities, creating a more pedestrian-friendly and secure urban environment for residents and visitors alike.

If you or someone in your family gets hurt or killed in a pedestrian-vehicle accident, you should have skilled and helpful personal injury lawyers. Find us at Sidhu Personal Injury Lawyers Calgary for full legal support toward secure justice and fair compensation.

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