Insights from Calgary Personal Injury Lawyers: Dealing with Denied Insurance Claims

Do you have a personal injury because of an accident or someone else’s fault? If so, you’ll likely have to handle an insurance company and legal team. Before you find yourself in an unfamiliar situation, check out these insights for dealing with an insurance company while pursuing your personal injury case. 

8 Insights from Personal Injury Lawyers In Calgary

1. The Insurance Company Will Not Adjust For You

They have two main goals: securing the person responsible for your injury by offering a settlement that’s less than the insurance policy limits and making profits for the insurance company’s shareholders. Paying you as little as possible for your claim benefits their interests.

2. Know the Insurance Company’s True Concerns

Even though the insurance adjuster can seem uninterested in the idea of you hiring an attorney, the truth is that the insurance company doesn’t want you to do so. This is why:

  • Having an attorney on your side leads to higher settlements. They are valuable because they know how to present your case well to the insurance company and can also bring the possibility of a lawsuit and a jury decision that’s hard to predict.
  • When you file a lawsuit, the insurance company must hire an attorney to defend the person responsible for your accident. Their in-house attorneys cannot represent the person who caused your injury.
  • Since hiring an attorney will help you receive a larger settlement, this will cost the insurance company legal fees.

3. Beware of Misleading Insurance Adjusters

Insurance adjusters often mislead people about the strength of their case. For instance, some clients have been told they can’t get a settlement because of previous back injuries from another accident. Since the insurance company doesn’t have your best interests at heart, we advise against trusting their assessment of your case’s strength. Instead, it’s better to talk to personal injury lawyers in Calgary and discuss your situation with them.

4. Question Your Insurance Adjuster’s Statements

Everything about your personal injury claim can be negotiated. Don’t simply accept what your insurance adjuster says without question. For instance, if they refuse to pay for specific vehicle repairs, certain rental car expenses, out-of-pocket costs related to your accident, the loss of value to your vehicle, or other things, remember that it’s just their opinion.

Before settling or dropping your claim, it’s wise to consult with Calgary personal injury lawyers to ensure the insurance company’s actions are legally sound. Moreover, don’t be too quick to believe if the adjuster claims their offer is the “final” or “best.” Insurance adjusters are skilled negotiators, and there’s often room for more negotiation.

If you’re at a deadlock with the insurance company, our Calgary personal injury lawyers can guide you on moving your claim forward.

5. The Insurance Company Won’t Tell You All About Your Compensation

The insurance company and their adjuster may not inform you about all the potential compensation you can receive in your claim, such as the reduced value of your vehicle after the accident, as well as out-of-pocket expenses like prescriptions and travel costs to doctor visits. 

Never assume that the insurance company will cover everything you are entitled to. If you have any doubts about your rights to compensation, seeking advice from personal injury lawyers in Calgary becomes essential. They possess the expertise to help you understand what you are entitled to and ensure you receive the full compensation you rightfully deserve.

6. Don’t Fall on the Insurance Company’s Tactics

The insurance company prefers to settle your case for a small amount if possible. However, if not, they benefit from delaying your claim because they earn interest on the money they keep in reserves from premiums paid by policyholders until they have to pay claims. Their main tactic is offering you a settlement less than your claim. 

If you disagree with the low settlement, they could ignore or delay your claim. If you find yourself stuck and not progressing with the insurance company, getting help from experienced personal injury lawyers can be a good idea.

7. Don’t Provide a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company

Be cautious about providing a recorded statement to the insurance company. The claims adjuster isn’t on your side; their goal is often to find reasons to deny your claim or reduce your settlement. Remember that the adjuster does this daily, while you couldn’t have dealt with accidents before. Sadly, the insurance company aims to save money, not fully compensate you for your injuries and losses.

Before providing any statement to the insurance company, consult a personal injury attorney to condemn your rights even if the proposed settlement appears fair.

8. Capture Important Photos for Evidence

After the accident, if you can, take as many pictures as possible. Photos serve as important evidence to support the information the insurance company collects. They can confirm the collision, show the location with surrounding traffic signs, signals, and road markings, and even document who was at the scene – details that can be easily forgotten after a traumatic experience. These photos can be vital throughout your case, especially if the insurance company tries to avoid responsibility during your personal injury claim.

Photograph the property damage, injuries (right after the accident and in the following days), nearby traffic signs, witnesses, police officers, the other driver, their car, license plate, driver’s license, insurance, and registration.

Reach Out To Shawn Sidhu From Sidhu Personal Injury Lawyers Calgary

After a personal injury, things can get tough and stressful. Instead of battling with the insurance company, your focus should be healing and recovering. A seasoned injury attorney can handle your case, ensuring you receive the rightful compensation and allowing you to have peace of mind during your recovery.

If you’ve been hurt because of someone else’s negligence, don’t try to handle everything alone. The experienced Sidhu Personal Injury Lawyers Calgary is here to support you. Our Calgary personal injury lawyers will fight for the compensation you deserve. Reach out to us today for a free consultation.

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