How to Recognize a Traumatic Brain Injury

brain injury


Traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s) can come with numerous associated dangers. TBI can be a result of accidents, and occasionally, is the result of negligence by other people. Unfortunately, these consequences are long-term and can be extremely serious. However, the Province of Alberta gives eligibility for people who suffer from TBI to be insured with fair compensation. 

Personal injury lawyers are the ones who are responsible and the most reliable to assist with the legal process of your injury (i.e., insurance, treatment, legal counsel, and settlement). They allow plaintiffs to focus on their recovery while they attend to the legal aspects of the case.


TBI is an injury caused by a blow and trauma to the head that affects the brain, causing bruising, swelling, bleeding, and tissue damage. Untreated TBI can often result in temporary or permanent brain damage and life-long effects. However, it is not always noticeable, especially if scars and bleeding are not visible. Therefore, recognizing and assessing TBI is essential when receiving medical treatment and advice.

20, 000 people in Canada are sent to the hospital because of TBI yearly. These cases vary from mild to severe brain injuries. One-third of these are women aged 15-24 years old wherein partner violence, sporting events, and accidents are generally the root cause. People who suffer from mild TBIs may have temporary changes in consciousness, and experience headaches, dizziness, mood swings, and nausea. While severe cases of TBI show extensive periods of unconsciousness, affect mobility and function, and can lead to memory loss, including amnesia. 

Studies and various research further identifies the symptoms of TBI which can include:

  • Physical changes
    • Changes in bowel and bladder function
    • Brief loss of consciousness
    • Impaired movement and mobility
    • Paralysis
    • Seizures
    • Vomiting
  • Sensory changes
    • Dysfunction in hearing abilities
    • Visual impairment
    • Light sensitivity
    • Loss of sense of taste and smell
  • Cognitive changes 
    • Difficulty in multitasking
    • Inability to focus and complete tasks
    • Shortened attention span
    • Difficulty in processing information and new learnings

Physical changes in adults can easily be seen and explained. Unfortunately, children who experience a strong concussive force to the head are not always able to properly articulate their symptoms. It is therefore imperative to have children who may have a TBI to be thoroughly assessed by a licensed medical professional.


Dealing with TBI and other underlying symptoms on your own can be extremely overwhelming. Aside from settling insurance and compensation, you also must deal with recovery, therapy, and future medical appointments. Working with a lawyer who specializes in brain injuries can help you navigate these difficult situations, allowing you to focus on recovering.

TBI survivors spend a lot of time recovering to ensure that they will get back to some sense of normalcy. Your lawyer provides trustworthy legal advice and knows how to fight for fair and just compensation that you deserve. Having someone who understands your needs is essential for you and your family to come out of such a serious situation with the best possible results. TBI does not only affect your physical health but also your emotional and mental health- therefore, it is imperative to treat all symptoms that can occur as a result. 


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