How to Maximize Your Personal Injury Claim in Calgary

Personal injury claims in Calgary are becoming increasingly common as individuals seek compensation for the physical and psychological harm they suffer following an accident. This article will guide you through filing a personal injury claim in Calgary, from understanding your rights and obligations to finding a lawyer to help you maximize your chances of success.  You […]

Exploring the Different Forms of Injury Compensation Available for Negligence Cases

Accidents that result in serious injury might give rise to liability if the person responsible was negligent. However, the definition of negligence is only sometimes clear and straightforward. If you sustain injuries, you should consult an accident lawyer to know whether you have a valid cause of action. If this is the case, you may be entitled […]

When Should I Get An Attorney for a Car Accident?

It can be pretty standard for people to think that there is no need for legal help in car accidents. However, more often than not, car accident lawyers in Calgary can help their clients get the compensation that they need and deserve. Without any legal knowledge, it can be difficult for you to fight against insurance companies. […]

Insurance Claim Process After an Accident

UNDERSTANDING INSURANCE CLAIMS You might never need to submit an insurance claim if you’re lucky. You can file a claim with your insurer if anything goes wrong and you are hurt in an unplanned accident, natural disaster, or other loss covered by your insurance policy. If you comply with the policy’s terms and conditions, the insurance policy […]

What is a Contingency Fee Agreement for an Accident Lawyer?

If you are looking to hire a personal injury lawyer in Canada, you’ll find plenty that offer “No Win/No Pay” or “Contingency Fee” agreements. But what does that mean? How does it work? WHAT IS A CONTINGENCY FEE AGREEMENT? In a contingency fee agreement, the lawyer agrees to represent the client’s injury case for a percentage […]

Get the Maximum Compensation For Your Bike Accident

Under the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, bicycles are classified as vehicles, which means that cyclists have the same obligations and legal rights as other road users, including during the event of a bicycle accident in Calgary. Provincial regulations are also in place to ensure every road user’s safety, irrespective of where you ride. As well, bicyclists […]

Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer? Here’s What You Need To Know

Motorcycle accidents can happen anytime—to anyone.  They are often extremely traumatic, as motorcycle riders are exposed to greater danger than drivers in cars because they lack the protection that is offered by a car’s steel casing. COMMON CAUSES OF MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENTS: Motorcyclists do not have any weather protection. This means that they can be dragged about […]

Pedestrian Accidents in Calgary: What To Do Immediately Afterwards

According to the police chief of Calgary, there is a disturbing increase in pedestrian accidents in Calgary this year. The authorities cite the changes in traffic patterns due to the pandemic. With less traffic and people crossing the streets, many drivers have been driving at increased speeds. Hence,  pedestrian-related mishaps are often the result of […]

Protecting Your Rights: How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer in Calgary

In the event of an accident due to the carelessness of others, you might be entitled to financial compensation. In these situations, it is ideal to hire a personal injury lawyer in Calgary. Personal injury lawyers can assist injury claimants throughout all stages of their claims, including pre-litigation negotiations, litigation, and post-personal injury settlement demands. […]

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